G-License Requalifications

G Security License Re-Qualification
Call Suncoast Security Academy,LLC – 813-855-2686

Florida Firearms Academy, LLC Tampa Store is now offering the 4 hour Class G License Re-qualification through Suncoast Security Academy, LLC.

The State of Florida requires that all Florida License “G” armed security officers requalify at least once per year with the type of handgun that they carry on duty.

Students that successfully requalify will be given proof of re-qualification to provide to the State to maintain their Class “G” License.

The cost for this 4 hour class is $75.00 and includes:
● Florida 493 and 5N-1 legal updattes and review
● Written Examination
● Firearms Requalification
● 50 Rounds of Ammunition and targets
Firearms & Equipment
You are recommended to bring the following items to the range
● .38 or 357 Revolver or .380, 9mm, .40 or .45 caliber pistol
● 3 or more speed loaders or magazine for your firearm
● Quality duty holster and loader/magazine pouches
● Comfortable clothing that provides from ejected brass

A variety of rental firearms are available though the Florida Firearms Academy, check with with a range employee for availability and pricing or call 813-221-3473

As of July 1, 2014, new procedures for the 4 hour re-qualification are in effect. If the licensee qualifies on the first course, they no longer need to fire the additional two courses. If the licensee fails to re-qualify on the first attempt, they may have two more attempts to achieve a passing score. There will be an additional ammunition fee, if additional attempts are needed.

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