Steel Tree Match

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Date(s) - 08/26/2018
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Florida Firearms Academy Tampa


Steel Tree Target Match For Beginners And Up

A friendly and challenging competition of both speed and accuracy. A steel tree is a type of steel target that has a tower with 5-6 circular targets on a hinge. When these targets are shot the energy from the bullet spins the target from one side to the other. In this competition you will go “head to head” with another shooter and try to shoot all the steel plates on your side of the tree. While you attempt push those targets to your competitors side, your competitor will be shooting targets back to your side. First person to eliminate all targets from their side wins.

What you will need: If you do not have the required equipment, you can rent it for an additional fee. When using FFA Firearm Rentals you must purchase FFA ammunition.

  • We require that all shooters have some form of basic firearms handling experience prior to the competition
  • A Semi-Automatic Handgun (9mm or above in caliber) in good working condition.
  • You can opt to use a Revolver instead of a Semi-Automatic (38 S&W Special or above in caliber) in good working condition. We only recommend Revolvers for experienced shooters.
  • 200 Rounds, either purchased at FFA or brought from somewhere else for your Pistol or Revolver of choice. Ammunition brought from elsewhere must match our range criteria.
  • Good set of Eye and Muff Style Ear Protection. (we would recommend also wearing inner ear protection of some type) If you do not have your own FFA can rent you a pair of Eye and Ear Protection for $2.00.
  • 3 or More – Pistol Magazines (We recommend standard capacity and extended capacity magazines) If you are using a firearm which has a standard capacity of less then twelve rounds we recommend you bring at least 5 magazines or more.
  • 5 or More – Revolver Speed Loaders or Full Moon Clips (If you opted for a revolver)
  • Close Toed Shoes

What we recommend (These items are optional):

  • Red Dot Sight on Pistol or Revolver (not a must but definitely helps)
  • Level 2 or above outside the waistband holster or competition style open holster
  • Tactical or Competition Belt
  • Magazine Carriers for your Handgun
  • Revolver Speedloader Carriers (If you opt for revolver, we highly recommend this)

If you are having issues signing up for a class or are attempting to sign up for a competition on the same day, please call 813-221-3473 to check for availability. Thank You.


Reservations are closed for this event.

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