Advanced Shotgun Training Course

Advanced Tactical Shotgun Course


NOTE: Be sure to bring a copy of your Course/Event Registration receipt with you when you arrive to attend it.

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Product Description

Advanced Shotgun Training Course

Advanced Shotgun Training Course

FFA’s Advanced Shotgun Training Course focuses on a mixture of basic movements using cover and ground work. Much like the Basic Shotgun course, the fundamentals of tactical shooting, moving, and weapon operation will be covered. The biggest difference is advanced concepts involving movement for cover and the like will be involved. This is the next step up for the shooter who has mastered the beginners course and techniques.

Course Learning Points

(in addition to Basic course)

  • Advanced movements
  • Shooting to get to cover
  • Advanced footwork for effective shooting

NOTE: To maintain the optimum student to instructor ratio, we require all students and event participants to pre-register. Registration closes 24-hours prior to each course or event. We cannot permit “walk-in’s” to our courses or events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.