Important Message To Our Customers

FFA’s COVID-19 Company Precaution Measures

We at FFA do not live in fear, however, we want to ensure all of our employees,

members and customers a clean free environment.

For the next 60 days FFA will be strictly enforcing the following rules to our customers, members, and employees.

Many of these rules have already been in practice, however, FFA will be sure to take extra measures until all is well.

All members and customers feeling ill, we ask that you please stay home until well. FFA will compensate your membership free of charge to accommodate your time away up to 30 days.

All employees must use a disinfectant cleaner every time a student handles a firearm before the next student uses the same firearm.

All employees must use a disinfectant cleaner on ever firearm rental and the firearm case after each use.

All employees must wash hands after handling firearms, instructing classes, and contact with others.

All classrooms must be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner after each use.

All counters, doors, phones, keyboards and floor area must be wiped down every morning.

All incoming and outgoing firearms must be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner.

All A/C and ERV Air cleaners and filters will be changed monthly.

All employees running a fever or feeling ill will not be allowed to work until they are 100% better.

All Instructors may ask their students if the student is ill to reschedule their class at a later time free of charge.

All classes will be limited to no more than 3 people in each class.

We ask that everyone coming into FFA to please wash your hands, keep clean, and refrain from touching your face. This is one of the best way to stay healthy and virus free.

These steps are just a precaution from spreading the virus. FFA knows to fight anything you must be prepared for anything. Safety is what we teach, therefore it’s what we practice.

Thank you all for your cooperation. Now lets shoot some targets. Pew pew