Custom Gun Holsters

Order Your Custom Gun Holsters & Magazine Holders

Florida Firearms Academy offers premium custom gun holsters and magazine holders. Our custom gun holsters are made in the U.S.A. They’re constructed of leather and Kydex which are the current industry standards for “In the Waist Band” (IWB) carry. The leather provides a comfortable surface against the body. The Kydex is a forgiving, but very durable and long-lasting material.

Benefits of Our Custom Gun Holsters & Magazine Holders

  • Comfort – The leather backing on our custom gun holsters provides the wearer with a wide surface area on the body. This distributes the weight of the rig comfortably.
  • Concealment – Our custom gun holsters are built to hold the gun as close to the wearer’s body as possible, without infringing on comfort.
  • Accessibility – Our custom gun holsters provide a “combat cut” which means the initial grip on the holster will be absent of hardware from the holster, and it will provide the wearer with a proper one handed grip as soon as the gun is drawn. The Kydex also provides for one hand re-holstering, which is a must.
  • Retention – Our custom gun holsters are designed to provide positive retention for the every-day carrier. The Kydex used, along with the molding process, ensures that the gun stays in place. For the IWB holster, the tightness of the pants and belt additionally adds to the retention. Also, the curve of the body helps keep the gun in place.

Quality Hardware

  • Leather – The leather used for our custom gun holsters is 10-12 oz firm and comfortable cowhide leather. It comes from US Steers and is professionally dyed and tanned at a tannery. Our custom gun holsters are dyed on the front and back of the leather USMC black, as well as use gum tragacanth on the back to smooth the texture and to seal out moisture from the body. Other colors are also available (Natural and Brown).
  • Kydex – Our IWB custom gun holsters holsters come standard with .06in thick Kydex. Kydex is a heat-molded plastic. We custom mold every piece of Kydex to either a real gun or a Blue Gun. Our custom gun holsters feature .08in thick Kydex for the OWB holsters for extra durability.
  • Mounting Hardware – Brass rivets attach the Kydex mold to the leather. Our custom gun holsters also feature steel Chicago Screws and steel spring clips. Leather straps with Pull the Dot snaps are also an option.

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