Home Defense Course

By participating in FFA’s Home Defense Course, Students will learn a variety of techniques necessary to safety operate within their home in a defensive situation. These skills include shooting techniques, movements, low light shooting, malfunction clearing, and other essential skills. After this class, students will be able to create a safe plan for their home and have more knowledge to handle different situations in a safe manner.

Course Learning Points:

  • How to develop a home defense plan
  • Using a firearm in the home
  • Family safety
  • Walking and shooting
  • Low light shooting
  • Which ammunition to use

Students Will Need:

  • 100 Rounds of ammunition
  • Click on/off flashlight
  • 2 magazines for your pistol

Course Locations

  • FFA Tampa ONLY

Home Defense Course Video


NOTE: To maintain the optimum student to instructor ratio, we require all students and event participants to pre-register. Registration closes 24-hours prior to each course or event. We cannot permit “walk-in’s” to our courses or events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Home Defense Course — $95

Home Defense Course