Pistol Shooting Competitions

Pistol Shooting Competitions
Florida Firearms Academy Pistol Shooting Competitions

Florida Firearm Academy’s Pistol Shooting Competitions provide a safe, professionally supervised environment. Sport shooters can compete with their peers. Our pistol shooting competitions foster a spirit of camaraderie. Florida Fireamrs Academy staff members and other competitors offer advice to help shooters of all skill levels improve in their sport. Our Pistol Shooting Competitions fill quickly and space is limited! Register early to ensure your spot!

Course Locations

  • FFA Tampa ONLY

NOTE: To maintain the highest levels of safety, we require all event participants to pre-register. Registration closes 24-hours prior to each event. We cannot permit “walk-in’s” to our competition events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Pistol Shooting Competitions — $20

Florida Firearms Academy Recognized as a 5 Star Shooting Range by NSSA


FFA’s 5 Star Indoor Shooting Range Features

  • Lane Dimensions: 3 feet wide.
  • Lane Table Dimensions: 2 feet deep x 2.75 ft. wide.
  • Lane Shooting Area: 2 feet wide x 25 feet long.
  • Each lane is equipped with a simple-to-use electric target conveyor to quickly dispatch and retrieve your targets.

FFA’s 5 Star Indoor Shooting Range Fees

  • FREE RANGE FEE! Mondays are Ladies’ Day at all Florida Firearms Academy locations! FREE RANGE FEES open to close! Bring your girlfriends, mothers, and daughters!
  • $19.99 per person for rifle and pistol. No time limit.
  • $14.99 per person for Law enforcement, Active military, Firefighter, EMT or Paramedics. ID required. No time limit.
  • $15.99 per person when accompanied by a FFA Indoor Shooting Range Member. No time limit.

Estimated Indoor Shooting Range Cost of Participation

Our 5 Star Indoor Shooting Range prices vary based upon the type of firearm and ammo. The estimated cost for one shooter who brings his/her own firearm and purchases one (1) box of 50 rounds averages $45. This estimate includes our indoor shooting range fee, ammo, target, gun and eye and ear protection. Larger caliber firearms average $60 and up due to the higher cost for ammo.

PLEASE NOTE: Shotguns are limited to slug and buckshot ONLY. Rifle calibers are limited to 300 Winchester Mag and less. NO STEEL CORE OR ARMOR PIERCING ROUNDS ALLOWED.

FFA’s 5 Star Indoor Shooting Range Membership Plans

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