Gun Rental Service

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Our Gun Rental Service – Try Before You Buy!

Our Gun Rental Service features nearly 70+ different firearms including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and yes – even machine guns! (Click to view our extensive Gun Rental Service inventory!).

It’s in your best interest to be objectively informed about the different types and styles of firearms available prior to making the purchase. That’s why we created the “try before you buy” Gun Rental Service. The focus of our Gun Rental Service is to provide you the opportunity to experience a wide variety of different firearm types and configurations. This way, you can make an informed decision about which firearm is best for you.

We are frequently asked “What is the best firearm for me?” The answer to this question is simple: The one you like is the one for you. The best way you can discover which firearm is best for you is by taking advantage of our Gun Rental Service. Watch this short video!

We will provide everyone who utilizes our Gun Rental Service the following instruction at no additional charge for all new gun purchases:

  • Handgun safety
  • How a gun functions
  • Proper grip
  • How to aim a gun
  • How to load, unload and make a gun safe

Our Gun Rental Service fees vary due to the varying prices of ammunition based upon caliber. You are required to use our ammunition in our rental guns. The average cost for the gun rental, ammunition, indoor shooting range fee, targets, and ear and eye protection averages $45.00 for an entry level .22 caliber pistol. This is the recommended pistol for beginners.

With few exceptions, anyone wishing to rent a firearm for use on our range will need to be accompanied by at least one other person of legal age (21 years old). There will be no rentals of firearms to individuals who wish to rent a firearm solo. This policy includes both members and non-member customers.
Exceptions to this rule include.
1. Individuals who already own a firearm and have brought it to our facility the day they wish to rent.
2. Persons who are taking a “1 on 1 class” with one of our instructors or are at the range taking a firearms training class with one of our instructors.
3. Active Law Enforcement with appropriate identification.

Our Multi-Gun Rental Service allows an individual to rent an unlimited number of guns for a flat fee of $30. NOTE: The Multi-Gun Rental Service fee does not include our indoor shooting range fee.

Gun Rental Service