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Buy Guns Online!

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When you visit FFA gun stores, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our knowledgeable, friendly staff. We’re here to help you. Our valued customers often ask us to provide advice regarding the purchase of a firearm. The best advice we can give anyone is “try before you buy“. When guests visit FFA gun stores we frequently hear about high pressure sales tactics from other gun stores. You won’t hear those stories about Florida Firearms Academy (FFA). The fact is, we will never suggest which firearm to buy.

We offer an extensive Gun Rental Service featuring nearly 100 different firearms. Through this service, we give you the opportunity to become an educated consumer. We empower you to make an informed decision by trying various firearms before you buy. This saves you time and money and prevents disappointment. We love happy customers, and hope to develop a lasting and mutually enjoyable relationship with you.

We encourage you to visit FFA stores and take advantage of our Gun Rental Service and indoor shooting range to determine which firearm is best for you. Our state-of-the-art indoor shooting ranges feature advanced air filtration systems and air-conditioning for your health, comfort, and enjoyment. You will discover the process of buying and owning a gun is fun and satisfying when you get exactly what you want.

When you visit FFA gun stores you’ll also discover a wide range of new and used firearms, ammo, accessories, and sport shooting and hunting gear. We also offer weekly firearm training courses on a wide range of topics for beginners to advanced shooters.

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