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9mm Pistols
Smith and Wesson SD9VE
Cz 75b
Smith and Wesson m&p9
Smith and Wesson m&p9c
Smith and Wesson shield
Springfield xds9
Springfield xdm competition 5.25 inch barrel
Springfield XD Mod2
Springfield XD Mod2 Compact
Glock 17 gen 5
Glock 19 gen 5
Glock 26 gen 5
Glock 43
Sig 320 carry
HK vp9
HK p30s
Browning high power
Ruger sr9c
Canik TP9SF
Canik TP9SFX
Armscor TCM (configured in 9mm normally, we can reconvert it to 22TCM if the ammunition is available)

Assorted Caliber Pistols
Ruger mkIII 22 lr
Smith and Wesson model 43c 22 lr
Smith and Wesson model m360 38spcl
Glock 42 380 acp
Beretta cheetah 380acp
Bersa Thunder plus 380 acp
Smith and Wesson governor 410\45 long colt
Smith and Wesson 629 44 mag
Smith and Wesson 686 357 mag

Assorted Caliber Pistols
Springfield range officer 1911
Smith and Wesson m&p45
Springfield xds45
Glock 21 gen 3
Glock 30sf
Glock 36
HK 45c
Springfield xdm40
Smith and Wesson m&p40
Smith and Wesson m&p40c
Smith and Wesson shield 40
Glock 22 gen 4
Glock 23 gen 4
Glock 27 gen 4
Fnh fns40

FFA AR-15 5.56mm, in two varieties
Florida firearms academy 9mm ar15- 9mm
Century Arms PAP – 7.62×39
Henry lever action 22- 22lr
Ruger 10/22- 22lr

Remington 870 – 12ga
Mossberg 500  – 410ga
Saiga – 12ga

Machine Guns – Full Auto
Wasr ak47 – 7.62×39
Florida firearms academy m4 full auto – 5.56 NATO
Florida firearms academy m4 full auto – 22LR

Gun | Firearm Rental Service Inventory