I Love Shooting at Florida Firearms Academy!

I love shooting at Florida Firearms Academy (FFA). The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly,which is a breath off fresh air from other gun/range places. Their store is very clean and modern looking. They staff an armor who builds ARS. The range its self was recently remodeled and boasts an awesome cooling system. The range is clean and appears to be well maintained. All lanes have ellectric target rails to send the target down range. They can accommodate most anyhing. Shot gun is allow ed but no bird shot. Buck shot and slugs only. My friend and I were able to shoot a 308 rifle which was cool.

The reason FFA only reciceves 4 stars is I find them a little pricy on ammo and fire arms. I paid 20 dollars for 50rounds of 9mm. You can get the same at Wal-Mart for 13.99. In addition their stock seems limited. Its my understanding they do alot of online sales. But nothing beats holding the gun you want and walking out the door same day.

Over all its awesome. Lots of cool people to learn from if you’re new to firearms. Store is clean range is Clean. The offer classes. All around a good place.

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