AR-15 Rifle Level 2 w/Ms Rose & Landa

Date(s) - 07/18/2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Florida Firearms Academy - Tampa


For this class, you MUST HAVE:

  • AR-15 sights MUST be zeroed* **
  • At LEAST two 30-Rd Magazines
  • A 2 point sling
  • 250 Rounds of Ammunition
  • *(If you sights are not zeroed, you will be unable to participate in class).
  • **(We do offer sighting services in-store; $35.00 plus ammunition).

This classroom and live-fire AR-15 Fundamentals course is designed to introduce responsible gun owners to the safe handling, proper maintenance, and effective use of the AR-15 style rifles in the context of civilian home defense.  Dills that will be covered in this class include:

  • Multiple rounds on target on the up command
  • Rifle reloads (although unlike in a home defense situation you will learns how to reload safely)
  • Mechanical offset
  • Cadence (and Marking)
  • Out of the Optic
  • 3-2-1
  • ABC

If you have an optic on your AR-15 it should be zeroed at 50 yards, (standard sighting principals for the AR-15 platform). If you need assistance with this function, for an additional fee, you can come in on the Monday prior to the class, to have one of our staff assist you.


Reservations are closed for this event.