Basic Pistol II @3PM w/Kevin

Date(s) - 10/19/2022
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Florida Firearms Academy - Tampa



Florida Firearms Academy’s Basic 2 Pistol Class will continue where the Basic Class finished.

This class is intended for those who have a basic understanding on how the firearm functions and would like to continue their training to improve their skills. We will utilize modern electronic devices and older, well proved, techniques to sharpen your skills. We will also provide skills to continue to work on as you shoot on your own.

We will spend a short time in the classroom reviewing Firearms Safety, Range Safety, and Range Etiquette. We will continue the training on the range. We will fire at least 50 rounds as we utilize techniques to improve Stance, Grip, Sight Picture, and Sight Alignment. We will also work on your trigger control introducing the trigger break point and reset. We will introduce you basic tactical skills to prepare you for an advanced Tactical Class if desired.

We encourage our students to fire at least 50 rounds at this level.

We will provide safety equipment, targets, rental firearms, and waive your range fee. The student will have to purchase their own ammunition.

This class is taught by a USCCA and NRA Certified Instructor who has over 28 years of Law Enforcement experience.

You may use a certificate of this class as proof of completion of a firearms safety class to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License; although, we highly recommend that you attend our Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) Course before you carry a gun.

Course Includes everything you will need including firearm. You will have to purchase your ammunition, at least 50 rounds. You may bring your own firearm and ammunition if you wish to do so.

Course Fee

  • $70.00


  • Firearm Rental
  • Range Fee
  • Eye and Ear Protection Rentals
  • Target
  • Class

Course Learning Points

  • Gun Safety.
  • Range safety.
  • Range etiquette.
  • Techniques – grip, stance, trigger control, sight picture, and sight alignment.
  • Trigger control, includes Trigger break point and reset.
  • Techniques to continue on your own as you improve you skills and Tactical decision making

A 22 pistol is included. A box of .22 caliber ammunition will have to be purchased by the student. If you want to rent another higher caliber pistol at a cost of $5, you will also need to purchase ammo for that other firearm.

If you are having issues signing up for a class or are attempting to sign up for a class on the same day, please call 813-221-3473 to check for availability.

Reschedules & Refunds: We do not offer refunds on classes, We do allow every student to be able to reschedule once, if they call the store at least 2 day prior to the class


Reservations are closed for this event.