Kids Shooting Team @5PM

Date(s) - 02/06/2022
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Florida Firearms Academy - Tampa



FFA’s Kids Shooting Team.

FFA’s kids shooting team will involve serious firearms training for your kids from the basic to tactical advanced and competitions.

Every other week your kids will receive a different firearms lesson with a .22 firearm pistol or rifle.

This class is for kids that have some basic pistol or rifle knowledge or they have taken our Free Kids Safety Class here at FFA, and then a private class with Jenny. If your kid has no firearms knowledge, they must first sign up for our free class.

Age: Your kids need to be at least old enough to hold, load, aim and shoot a firearm correctly and safely. Ages will start at 10-16

Kids will receive 2 classes and range training time per month.

Kids will learn how to shoot a pistol and rifle safely, correctly and accurately. Each class will be a progression class to get the shooter able to enter our kids shooting competition team.

Advancement and progress will be determent by the instructor. Kids will not all progress at the same speed. Therefore, the instructor will keep a progress log on each student to see their advancement to the next stage. Private classes will also be available if you choose to take them.

Classes will also cover:

Trigger control.

Sight alignment.

Recoil management.

Move and shoot.

Multiple Target shooting.

Malfunction drills.

Bulls eye shooting

Competition shooting Style.

Fun game shooting.

Competition shooting will be offered once the shooter is trained and ready for competition. Our Instructor will notify the parents when the shooter has completed their training and the shooter has a complete understanding of the competition and safety rules and pass our written test.

FFA’s monthly fee includes a .22 cal firearm rental, all ammo, the instructor, class time training, range time, targets, eye/ear protection and range props.


If Students require FFA’s rental firearms and ammunition.

Monthly enrollment is $60 total for 2 classes per month.

Sign up for a 3 month enrollment is only $160 you save $20

Sign up for a 6 month enrollment is only $300 you save $60

If Students bring their own firearm and ammo.

Monthly enrollment is $45.00 total for 2 classes a month.

Sign up for a 3 month enrollment is only $115 you save $20

Sign up for a 6 month enrollment is only $210 you save $60

Signing up for the Kids FFA Shooting Team is a commitment.

Refunds – There is no refunds for cancellations. The FFA instructor will be here regardless of “no shows” and we must pay our instructors. Cancellation spots will not be replaced until their paid enrollment time has run out. If for any reason FFA is closed for holidays, parties and events during a date the team meets, we will provide a make up day free of charge.

All Parents must sign a waiver for their kids.

Parents may sign a guardianship agreement. This agreement is encase the parent must leave the range for any type of family emergency while their kid is on the range. Also, some parents may not be able to stay for the entire time session.

All parents must be at FFA to pickup their kids before the session ends. Parents that are late picking up their kids will be charged $30 every 15 mins for each child. No exceptions. Our FFA instructors have other classes to teach on a tight schedule.

FFA reserve the right to cancel any kids enrollment for behavior issues, misconduct, drug issues, fighting, or bad tempers. If cancellations occurs, FFA will refund any enrollment time remaining to the parent.

Please call 813-221-3473 and ask for Jenny to ask about class availability and sign up.