Date(s) - 05/21/2022
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Florida Firearms Academy - Tampa



USCCA Mini Classes held from
9 AM to 4:30PM for two days.

Each class will be held in 1 hour increments and each mini class will cost $20. The classes will be taught by PHILLIP BARTOLACCI a field training specialist with the USCCA.  The classes will be held over the course of two days.
To sign up for any of these classes please call 813-221-3473 or come into the store and sign up in person.
To sign up online scroll to the bottom.


Classes to be held on May 21st

9AM-10AM: Are you and Your Family Safe?

You will learn how to not look like a victim, and more importantly, acquire the skills necessary to avoid dangerous situations if possible. Also, we’ll discuss how your home can be fortified, evaluated and looked at differently from a safety perspective. This is a great class for college kids, families, and individuals.


10:15AM-11:15AM: Should I shoot?

You and your loved ones are out. Someone approaches you with a knife… Should you shoot? We will discuss numerous situations and you will have to decide if you should pull your firearm and shoot. This class is perfect for anyone who carries a firearm for self-defense.


11:30AM-12:30PM: Kids and Guns

This class provides guidance and ideas on how to communicate with your children regarding having guns in the home. We’ll discuss the differences between storing and staging a firearm, how to speak with your children about gun safety and the rules you should follow to insure that your home is safe and your guns are secured.


1PM-2PM: Stressed Out?

Under the stresses of an attack, your body will react with a variety of natural and automated reactions, which will often dictate how you will be able to respond. Find out what you may experience during and after an attack, such as increased visual acuity, memory or hearing loss and reduced manual dexterity. More importantly you will learn how to best train to accommodate these stressors if forced to defend yourself or your loved ones.


2:15PM-3:15PM: Defensive Shooting vs Marksmanship

In this 1 hour mini class, you will learn the key differences between defensive shooting and marksmanship at the range. These differences are critical to being able to effectively defend yourself in the most common distances and timeframes (9-15 feet and 3-5 seconds)  without the luxury of being in a well lit range with non-moving targets. This class also is a great pre-cursor to the Defensive Shooting Fundamentals class.


3:30PM-4:30PM: What the heck is Dry Fire?

Dry fire is very likely THE MOST IMPORTANT method in developing confidence and competence with you firearm. We will teach you how to safely and purposefully train at home by using the dry fire method. We’ll share with you the accessories you can use, some core skills to focus on and get a variety of guns into your hands, from compact to full-size firearms, so you can see which ones may fit your needs and abilities better.


Reservations are closed for this event.